2.3 Accounting Principles

All accounting of cPouta resources is done using Billing Units (BUs).

Academic research customers can have their resource use paid for by the Ministry of Education and Culture. For commercial customers or academic customers who require more than what is granted from the Ministry paid-for allocation, we have billing unit packages for purchase.

For more information about which category your project falls into, please visit the Accounts and Projects page.

Accounting of resources

Currently we account for virtual machines and volume storage.

For virtual machines you can find the hourly BU consumption of the flavors on the flavors page.

Please note that virtual machines consume BUs regardless of their state. This means that a shut down or suspended virtual machine still consumes BUs. The only way to stop a virtual machine from consuming BUs is terminating it. The minimum accounting time for a virtual machine is one hour.

Storage volumes consume billing units based on their size. The unit of measure is TebiByte hours.

The cost for storage volumes is 3,5 BU / TiB hour.

Storage volumes consume BUs even if they are not attached to virtual machines.

Other costs

In addition to virtual machine and storage volumes, commercial customers will be billed for the amount of IP addresses they can use and the amount of users who can create virtual resources in the project. Currently this is billed yearly, based on the floating IP quota and members of the project.

Other quotas

In addition to accounting, projects have a quota for most resources they can use on cPouta. This defines for example how many CPU cores, how much memory you can use, or how many volumes you can have.

With the exception of Floating IPs and users, projects are not billed based on their quotas. The quotas can be adjusted within reason based on your request.

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