2.1 Applying for cPouta access

To apply for access to cPouta you need to have a user account and a computing project at CSC. If you have a user account in taito.csc.fi or sisu.csc.fi servers you already have a computing project at CSC and cPouta services will utilize the same computing quota as Sisu and Taito.

If you don't have a computing project at CSC, you should apply for one and add services to it, as explained on the User Accounts and Projects page.

Once you have a computing project at CSC, you can use the Resources and Applications tool in Scientist's User Interface to apply for cPouta access:

  1. Login to the Scientist's User Interface with your Haka account.
  2. In the Scientist's User Interface, navigate to Resources and Applications (Please ensure you have applied for computing project at CSC as discussed above before this step).
  3. In Resources and Applications, navigate to Computing and from there to cPouta cloud service.
  4. Use Project Selection tool to define a project for which you want to apply cPouta resources.
  5. Read and accept the Terms of Use and send the application.
  6. CSC will contact you when your application is accepted.

Please contact cloud-support@csc.fi in case you need assistance.



Figure 1.2 Applying for cPouta access with the Resources and Applications tool.

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