2.1 Applying for Pouta access

To apply for access to cPouta or ePouta you need to have a user account and a computing project at CSC. If you have a user account in taito.csc.fi or sisu.csc.fi servers you already have a computing project at CSC and Pouta services will utilize the same computing quota as Sisu and Taito.

If you don't have a computing project at CSC, you should apply for one and add services to it, as explained on the User Accounts and Projects page.

The remaining steps are different for cPouta and ePouta clouds.

For the cPouta service:

Once you have a computing project at CSC, you can use the Resources and Applications tool in Scientist's User Interface to apply for cPouta access:

  1. Login to the Scientist's User Interface with your Haka account.
  2. In the Scientist's User Interface, navigate to Resources and Applications (Please ensure you have applied for computing project at CSC as discussed above before this step).
  3. In Resources and Applications, navigate to Computing and from there to cPouta cloud service.
  4. Use Project Selection tool to define a project for which you want to apply cPouta resources.
  5. Read and accept the Terms of Use and send the application.
  6. CSC will contact you when your application is accepted.

Please contact servicedesk@csc.fi in case you need assistance.



Figure 1.2 Applying for cPouta access with the Resources and Applications tool.

For the ePouta service

Unlike in cPouta and other typical IaaS clouds, virtual machines in ePouta don't have access to the public Internet. Instead, virtual machines of an individual customer are only connected to that customer's own network through either an OPN (Optical Private Network) or - within FUNET and European academic networks - an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) connection. This means that in order to access your virtual machines, you will go through your own organization's network instead of going over the public Internet. To get started with connecting your network to ePouta, please send a request to servicedesk@csc.fi.

Figure 1.3 Connection between ePouta cloud VMs and Customer's home network.

The above figure shows the connections to virtual machines and to the management interface in ePouta ("OpenStack"). As the image shows, the network of the virtual machines running in ePouta is completely separate from the public Internet.

To create the connection between your site and ePouta, some initial information is required:

  1. A range of IP addresses from which addresses will be allocated to virtual machines running in ePouta
  2. The IP address of the gateway in the subnet for this IP range
  3. The IP addresses of DNS servers that should be used by virtual machines and that are accessible from the subnet
  4. A set of IP addresses or narrow ranges ("Admin machine" in the image above) that will be allowed to access the management interfaces of ePouta ("OpenStack" in the image above)

During the process of setting up the connection between your site and ePouta, we will send you email asking you to provide this information. If you later wish to e.g. add more IP addresses to be whitelisted for access to the ePouta interfaces, please send email to servicedesk@csc.fi.




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