6.1 Sending e-mail from cPouta

Sometimes you need to be able to send e-mail from a cPouta virtual machine. Maybe it's notifications when something happens, or registration confirmation e-mails.

We're now providing a service to do this. The service is still in the evaluation stages, and we might make changes to the service based on our experience and any feedback we get.

To use this service, you need to configure your mail transfer agent (MTA) to use the following SMTP relay server (a.k.a. smarthost):


The server does not require authentication.

When sending e-mail you need a valid "Sender" address in your e-mails such as your university email address, since this will be validated by the SMTP server. Please note that this is a different email header attribute than the "From" attribute.

If you want to set up any services on cPouta that generate a large amount of SMTP traffic (e.g. public mailing lists), please contact CSC Service Desk to coordinate this.

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