4.4.4 Quotas and Billing

The default quotas for every project are:

Resource Limit
Storage Amount 1TiB
Containers per project 1000
Objects per container 100000 
 Object Size* 5 GB

* See chapter for about storing larger objects

If you are using s3cmd client, you can check you project's Object Storage usage with command:

s3cmd du -H

In the case of swift client, you check this with command:

swift stat
To see how much space a bucket has used
swift stat $bucketname

It's currently not possible to view the current quota limits for your project. Please contact servicedesk@csc.fi if you have questions.

Object Storage consumes billing units. Accounting and billing information can be found under Accounting principles and quotas.

Unlike most other object storage providers, CSC does not charge for object storage network transfers or API calls.

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