4.4.2 System Characteristics

The object storage service stores "objects". These are blobs of data, and can be anything. In general you can think of objects as files.

The data objects are stored in containers (or buckets). These containers should not be confused with Docker, or other containers used for computing. A container basically acts like a filesystem directory, but you can have only one level of them, so you cannot have containers within containers.

Each container has a name, which must be unique across all users. So if somebody else has a container called "test" you can not create a container called "test". All container names are public, so please do not put private information in the container name. URLs to objects can be in DNS format: https://containername.object.pouta.csc.fi - for this reason using a valid DNS name (RFC 1035) for the container makes things easier. Specifically we recommend not using upper case characters in the container name.

Data objects within the containers are immutable once they have been uploaded. You can delete an object and upload a new one with the same name, but you can't do changes to it.

There are three copies of the data you store in the service. These copies are spread across different servers. This protects the data against disk and server failures. Please note that this does not protect from e.g. accidental deletion, and you should still make backups of important data.

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