9.  cPouta and ePouta related videos

9.1 cPouta tutorial video series Launching a virtual machine and connecting it from local Mac OSX laptop Launching a virtual machine and connecting it from Taito

9.1.2 Installing applications to a virtual machine (in this example  we use Conda, but it is just one of the many options)

9.1.3 Attaching a data volume to a virtual machine to work with larger datasets

9.1.4 Saving a virtual machine as a snapshot and re-stating it

9.1.5 Mounting remote directories (e.g. Taito $WRKDIR) to your virtual  machne

9.2 cPouta webinars 

9.2.1 Creating a Virtual Machine in cPouta

9.2.2 First steps into automating cPouta deployments with Ansible

9.2.3  Virtual Machine and basic web service deployment with Ansible

9.3 Other cPouta related videos

9.3.1 CSC's Pouta Cloud Services

9.3.2 Introduction to CSC's OpenStack cPouta cloud ( a course recording)

9.3.3 Rendering with cPouta's GPUs



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