Principles of allocating resources

The computing and data management resources are allocated by the CSC Resource Allocation Group ( The Resource Allocation Group accepts applications continuously and holds meetings mainly every three weeks.

The applications are measured by their scientific effectiveness and quality (e.g. scientific publications). The Resource Allocation Group follows closely the national science policy and the priorities defined by the Finnish Government. Computing resources are mainly focused for national research use. The Resource Allocation Group reports to CSC's Board of Directors and the Ministry of Education of the allocated resources once a year.

The CSC Resource Allocation Group consists of a chairman, specialists in various disciplines, and persons responsible for the preparation of resource allocations. The specialists are nominated on ground of their scientific and technological expertise and experience. The resource applications will be accompanied by an advisory opinion from CSC's other specialists when needed.

Right of appeal

If the researcher is not satisfied with how his or her application has been handled, the researcher has the right of appeal to the CSC Resource Allocation Group by sending email to The CSC Resource Allocation Group will handle any requests and either correct the mistake or give a response. If the researcher is unsatisfied with this response, the researcher then has the right of appeal to the CSC's Board of Directors.