Grand Challenge Proposal Form

The Proposal Form for CSC Grand Challenge (GC) Project contains the following sections:

  • Basic information, including
    • project title and acronym
    • the name and address of the principal investigator, and
    • the research groups involved
  • Public abstract
  • Results of possible previous GC projects
  • Scientific objectives
  • Challenges and methods
  • Software and its scalability,
  • Required resources, including
    • the preferred system
    • CPU time
    • size of parallel jobs
    • data storage and network requirements
    • additional notes
  • Timetable, and
  • References.

The Principal investigator should be a professor or other senior researcher at the department.

Filling the form

  1. Open the Proposal Form for CSC Grand Challenge Project (PDF)
    • If you have problems with the PDF form, upgrade your Adobe Reader version to 9.xx or send email to
    • Note to Linux users: To be able to fill the form, you may need to install 'acroread-plugins' package (for example in Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install acroread-plugins).
  2. When filled, save the PDF, including the content you have typed in, with the following syntax for the file name: lastname_2016.pdf
  3. Send the PDF file to Equally, you can click the Submit button in the end of the form to send the data.