Data management services are currently developed and offered under various
national and international initiatives and infrastructures:

  • Finnish Open Science and Research Initiative for the promotion of open science
  • CLARIN is an international infrastructure for digital language resources
  • ELIXIR is a distributed infrastructure for life-science information. CSC operates ELIXIR Finland node.
  • EUDAT is a collaborative European data infrastructure

Services for Data Management and Analytics

Name Description Infrastructure / Service offered by
ArrayExpress Functional Genomics Data from high-throughput functional genomics experiments. ELIXIR
AVAA An open data publishing platform for research data. It serves both the producers and users of open data. MINEDU (service produced by CSC)
B2ACCESS Authentication and Authorization platform. B2ACCESS is versatile and can be integrated with any service. EUDAT
B2DROP A data exchange service for researchers and scientists to keep their research data synchronized and up-to-date and to exchange with other researchers. EUDAT
B2FIND A discovery service based on metadata steadily harvested from research data collections from EUDAT data centres and other repositories. EUDAT
B2SAFE Allows community and departmental repositories to implement data management policies on their research data across multiple administrative domains. EUDAT
B2SHARE   Storing and publishing small-scale data. Enables metadata and sharing data from the service. Project group access. EUDAT
B2STAGE Service to transfer research data sets between EUDAT storage resources and high-performance computing (HPC) workspaces. EUDAT
CATH A hierarchical domain classification of protein structures in the Protein Data Bank. ELIXIR
ChEBI Dictionary of molecular entities focused on ‘small' chemical compounds. ELIXIR
ChEMBL Database of bioactive drug-like small molecules, it contains 2-D structures, calculated properties and abstracted bioactivities. ELIXIR
Chipster analysis software Chipster offers a broad range of easy-to-use analysis tools for bioscience and medical science research. CSC
Cloud computing CSC's cloud computing platforms, cPouta and ePouta offer high performance computing via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). CSC
Computing and Software for Research A state-of-the art computing environment, cloud services, an extensive selection of scientific software as well as access to international computing resources. CSC
CSC databases for research Data for applications utilizing relational databases. Project group access. CSC
EGA Personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data resulting from biomedical research projects. ELIXIR
Elmer scientific software Elmer is an open source multiphysical simulation software. CSC
ENA Nucleotide sequencing information, covering raw sequencing data, sequence assembly information and functional annotation. ELIXIR
Ensembl Genome browser for vertebrate genomes that supports research in comparative genomics, evolution, sequence variation and transcriptional regulation. ELIXIR
Ensembl Genomes Comparative analysis, data mining and visualisation for the genomes of non-vertebrate species. ELIXIR
Etsin Etsin is a research data finder. Anyone may browse and use the metadata. MINEDU (service produced by CSC)
Europe PMC Europe PMC is a repository, providing access to worldwide life sciences articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines. ELIXIR
Funet FileSender The Funet FileSender is an easy-to-use, browser-based file sharing service. With Funet Filesender, you can transfer and share files up to several gigabytes in size. CSC
HPC Archive in CSC computing environment Storing data used or produced in CSC user directories. Single user access. CSC
Human Protein Atlas The Human Protein Atlas contains information for a large majority of all human protein-coding genes regarding the expression and localization of the corresponding proteins based on both RNA and protein data. ELIXIR
IDA Storage service Storing and sharing stable data. Enables sharing data from the service, permanent identifiers. Project group access. MINEDU (service produced by CSC)
The IMEx Consortium: represented by IntAct and MINT IntAct provides a freely available, open source database system and analysis tools for molecular interaction data. MINT focuses on experimentally verified protein-protein interactions mined from the scientific literature by expert curators. ELIXIR
InterPro Functional analysis of protein sequences by classifying them into families and predicting the presence of domains and important sites. ELIXIR
The Language Bank of Finland The Language Bank of Finland is a service for researchers using language resources. CLARIN
Notebooks A web environment for data analytics in research and teaching. CSC
Paituli Paituli is spatial data download service. The service provides datasets that are important for research and education. CSC
PDBe Biological macromolecular structures. ELIXIR
Pouta Object Storage Platform independent data storage and sharing. Enables sharing data from the service. Project group access. CSC
PRIDE Mass spectrometry-based proteomics data, including peptide and protein expression information (identifications and quantification values) and the supporting mass spectra evidence. ELIXIR
Relational database service Relational database service Kaivos ( is intended for the customers who want to use their own MySQL databases in CSC computing environment. CSC
Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS) REMS (Resource Entitlement Management System) is an electronic tool for the management of access rights to research data. CSC
Storage in CSC cloud environments Temporary or persistent storage resources via virtual machines. Project group access. CSC
STRING-db Known and predicted protein-protein interactions. ELIXIR
User directories in CSC computing environment Personal disk areas for processing data. Single user access. CSC
UniProt Comprehensive resource for protein sequence and annotation data. ELIXIR


CSC maintains and develops various AAI solutions and components for authentication and authorization purposes, such as eDuuniID and Haka, and coordinates Finnish ORCID consortium membership and maintains the national integration service of ORCID identifiers.