Research Administration

Centralized solutions for more efficient use and retrievability of research information as well as smoother data flows across organisations.

Research Information Management Services

National services for commensurable and accessible research information – publications as well as research infrastructures.

VIRTA – Publication Information Service ►

JUSTUS – Publication Information Reporting Service ►

Databank of Finnish Research Infrastructures

Research Information Hub ►

Research Performance Analytics

CSC offers data research performance analytics for state, public and research administration. The Publication Forum Portal, an IT solution for maintaining classification of publication channels, is a joint project of CSC and the Publication Forum.

Bibliometric Computing ►

Research and Development Statistics ►

Publication Forum Portal ►

Coordination for Networks of Research Services and Administration

CSC facilitates cooperation, interaction and knowledge sharing and experience through the TUHA network. Working together, we can make innovations that improve research administration and research itself. See also the introduction to the ORCID researcher identifier in Finland.

TUHA – Network for Research Services and Administration ►

Support for Persistent Identifiers ►