Research Information Management Services

CSC's research information management services offer solutions for national commensurable and accessible data management, be it in the case of publication information or infrastructure. 

VIRTA Publication Information Service

VIRTA Publication Information Service is a data warehouse that stores copies of Finnish publication information in one place, providing commensurable data for multiple uses. Information is gathered automatically from research organizations' own publication databases or current research information systems (CRISes). If a research organization does not have its own system, information can be input through JUSTUS Publication Information Reporting Service.

Reducing the adminstrative burden

VIRTA helps to reduce the administrative burden of researchers. The information in VIRTA can be transferred to research funders, publication or research data repositories, research infrastructure services, or other services used by researchers. This reduces the need to manually input the same information in several places. For example, the input of publication information is automated when reporting project output to the Academy of Finland.

Other highlights

  • Publication information can be accessed through portal, which allows data to be searched and filtered
  • Publication Forum ID and ranking are detected automatically for each scientific publication
  • Statistical data of the publications available in Vipunen
  • VIRTA also supports ORCID researcher identifier

The next step for VIRTA is to expand to a national research information data hub in order to cover other research outputs (for example projects, researchers, infrastructure and research data).

VIRTA Publication Information Service wiki (in Finnish)

VIRTA is owned by Ministry of Education and Culture and developed by CSC – IT Center for Science.

JUSTUS Publication Information Reporting Service

JUSTUS Publication Information Reporting Service enables direct inputting of information to VIRTA Publication Information Service for example in cases where a research organization does not have their own research information management system. JUSTUS is used by 17 different universities of applied sciences and two research institutions.

JUSTUS Publication Information Reporting Service wiki (in Finnish)

Databank of Finnish Research Infrastructures

The Databank of Finnish Research Infrastructures assembles and describes information of nationally significant infrastructures in one place and in a joint manner. The aim is to advance the sharing, openness and efficient use of research infrastructures. These different infrastructures are given persistent identifiers enabling the analysis of their effectiveness and use. Finland's Research Infrastructure is service offered by the Academy of Finland and Ministry of Education and Culture and provided by CSC – IT Center for Science.

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Research Information Hub

CSC is establishing the national Research Information Hub at the behest of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The planned service will serve as a warehouse for metadata on, for example, publications, research data, research infrastructures, researchers, projects/projects and research groups.

The national information hub can be used to link the currently separate data warehouses and databases with one another. It will provide a single, uniform, open and comprehensive access point for all the research being conducted in Finland where anyone can search for information.

Using standardised terms and definitions, the research information hub compiles and shares commensurate, open and linked data with other services.  The machine-readable interfaces of the service allow for the seamless transfer and use of information in different services and processes, thus enhancing the commensurability of information and reducing the manual entering of information in several different places.

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