Sensitive Data Services for Research Organizations 

ePouta is a secure cloud computing environment designed to process sensitive data. ePouta is an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provided by CSC to academic organisations. ePouta adds secure computing and storage resources to existing IT infrastructures.

To be able to use ePouta, your organization’s IT department needs to set up a secure network connection with CSC and come to an agreement about the extent of their ePouta service. They will then manage it as a part of their own computing environment.

What is the difference between ePouta and Sensitive Data Services?

ePouta requires a dedicated network connection between your organization IT- infrastructure and CSC and it is provided to Finnish researchers directly by their own organizations.

In contrast, SD Desktop provides you a secure internet connection to the secure cloud computing environment in ePouta. You can directly access SD Desktop and other SD services from your own computer, over the internet, after registering with a CSC account. Anyone with a CSC account can be added to your project and access the same shared data through the same virtual desktop. 

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