Sensitive Data Services for Research

CSC Sensitive Data Services for Research are designed to support secure sensitive data management through web-user interfaces accessible from the user's own computer.

Do your research securely

CSC Sensitive Data Services for Research allow you to store and share encrypted sensitive data with SD Connect and create a private workspace to compute sensitive data with SD Desktop. The services are available to researchers and students affiliated with Finnish academic organisations or research institutes and their international collaborators. Using CSC services requires registering a CSC account.

SD Connect

Store and share


SD Apply


Pilot phase

SD Submit and FEGA


Pilot phase

Documentation and support

If you're just getting started with CSC Sensitive Data services,  check the user guide in Docs. First, create a CSC account and a CSC project. Next, set up SD Connect and SD Desktop. Finally, don't hesitate to contact us at (subject: Sensitive Data). We are currently updating the video tutorials.


Accessing CSC Sensitive Data Services for Research

Video introducing how to access CSC Sensitive Data services (Finnish version).