Service Breaks

We strive to perform all planned and unplanned maintenance with minimal impact to the end user. However on occasion we need to conduct planned or unplanned maintenance on our systems which requires us to take the system completely down or significantly degrade performance.


Puhti and Mahti

Planned Breaks

Planned breaks are announced at least three weeks in advance of the break allowing sufficient time for all running jobs to complete safely

For Puhti and Mahti we always try to schedule our maintenance breaks in the maintenance window on the first Tuesday of every month. We will always announce the planned duration in advance and send updates before and during the break if there are changes to the duration. 

The system is drained from jobs typically using an advanced reservation. This means that any job that can safely finish before the break is eligible to run. Thus very short jobs can still run even moments before the break

Unplanned Breaks

On occasion we may need to perform maintenance urgently due to technical or security reasons. During these cases we will announce the break and set the advanced reservation (see above) as soon as possible.

Other services

  • Fairdata Services (IDA, Qvain, Metax, Etsin, DP for Research Data): Information about planned monthly maintenance breaks for Fairdata Services at
  • Sensitive Data Services (SD Desktop and SD Connect): We always try to schedule the maintenance breaks in the maintenance window, on the first Wednesday of every month. During the Open Beta versions  additional service breaks may occur. All  service break and their duration will be also announced  to our users directly via email.

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Service Breaks