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Allas is a general purpose data storage server that provides an environment for storing, sharing and analysing data. Read More »

cPouta Community Cloud

cPouta is a Community Cloud Service with which you can quickly deploy self-administrated infrastructure. cPouta provides you with virtual machines and storage which can be used for a variety of things. Read More »

ePouta Virtual Private Cloud

ePouta is a Virtual Private Cloud Service that is similar to cPouta but is especially meant for processing sensitive data. Read More »

EUDAT Services

The EUDAT Services provide services for different stages of research data lifecycle. Read More »

Fairdata IDA

Fairdata IDA provides secure storage space for research data and materials related to it. In IDA data can be organised, shared with a project group and replicated. Read More »

Fairdata Services

With the Fairdata Services you can store, share, describe and publish your research data with easy-to-use web tools. Read More »

Funet Filesender

Funet Filesender is a file sharing service for sending large attachment files. Read More »

Kvasi, the Quantum Learning Machine

Kvasi is a quantum computing simulator with which you can learn to use and develop new quantum algorithms. Read More »


The Language Bank of Finland (Kielipankki) is a service for researchers using language resources. It contains a wide variety of text and speech corpora and tools for studying them. Read More »

LUMI Supercomputer

LUMI is one of the most competitive supercomputers in the world. LUMI starts operating in early 2021. Read More »

Mahti Supercomputer

Mahti is a supercomputer designed for massively parallel jobs that require large floating point performance and a capable interconnect. Read More »

Puhti Supercomputer

Puhti is a supercomputer meant for a wide range of use cases from interactive data analysis to medium scale simulations. Read More »

Rahti Container Cloud

Rahti is a container cloud service that provides a platform for you to host your own applications and make them accessible over the web. Read More »