Service breaks and reduced capacity due to installing the new infrastructure

Taito service break 30.1. - 1.2.

We are making room for the first phase of the installations in our Kajaani Data Center by removing first the older part of Taito consisting of 576 Sandy Bridge nodes. This will require a three-day service break from 30th January to 1st of February. 

Taito-gpu service breaks on 21.1 and 24.1

We are making room for the installations of the new supercomputing and data management environment in our Kajaani Data Center and we need to relocate GPU nodes which will be done in two phases:  First the P100 nodes will be relocated on Monday 21.1 and later Thursday 24.1 the K80 nodes will be moved.

Reduced capacity

After the decomissioning of Taito Sandy Bridge nodes, computing capacity is reduced until the new environment is taken into use. To compensate this, we will allow smaller workloads on the Cray XC40 supercomputer Sisu; the minimum number of nodes in "small" batch job queue will be reduced from three to one. Access to Sisu can be applied by the project manager of CSC project in the customer portal at

The Haswell nodes on Taito will remain in the use until the end of 2019.

Supercomputer Sisu will be decomissioned on 1st of July 2019.