1.3 Connecting to Sisu

To connect Sisu, use terminal programs like ssh (linux, MacOSX) or PuTTY (Windows), which provide secure connection to the server. If you are not able to use a suitable terminal program in your local computer you can use the SSH console tool in Scientist's User Interface (more details in CSC Computing Environment User's Guide chapter 1.3).

For example, when using the ssh command the connection can be opened in the following way:

ssh sisu.csc.fi -l username


The Sisu supercomputer has six login nodes named sisu-login1.csc.fi - sisu-login6.csc.fi. When you open a new terminal connection using the server name sisu.csc.fi you will end up to one of these login nodes. You can also open the connection to a specific login node if needed:

ssh sisu-login5.csc.fi -l username


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