ABySS de-novo assembler



ABySS is a de novo, parallel, paired-end sequence assembler that is designed for short reads. The parallel version, installed at CSC is implemented using MPI and is capable of assembling large genomes.


Version on CSC's Servers

Taito: 2.1.4, 2.1.0, 2.0.2, 1.3.6


Running ABySS jobs in Taito-shell

ABySS environment is set up in Taito-shell with command

module purge
module load gcc/4.9.3
module load openmpi/2.0.1
module load abyss/2.1.4

After that you can launch ABySS jobs with the ABySS command or abyss-pe script. For example

abyss-pe k=64 n=5 name=testrun in='reads_1.fq reads_2.fq'

By default, the maximum k-mer size that ABySS can use on 96. If you wish to use longer k-mers you can load ABySS versions for longer k-mer lengths (max. 128 or 256) with commands:

module load abyss/2.1.4_k128
module load abyss/2.1.4_k256



Running ABySS batch jobs in Taito

Large ABySS jobs should be executed as batch jobs in Taito cluster. Below is a sample batch job file for ABySS:

#!/bin/bash -l
#SBATCH -J abyss_job
#SBATCH -o abyss_job.out
#SBATCH -e abyss_job.err
#SBATCH -n 8
#SBATCH -p longrun
#SBATCH -t 120:00:00
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=8000
#SBATCH --nodes=1

module purge
module load gcc/4.9.3
module load openmpi/2.0.1
module load abyss/2.1.4

abyss-pe np=8 k=25 name=test in='y_1.fq y_2.fq' 

In the sample script above the lines starting with #SBATCH defines the resource reservations for the batch job. The job will use 8 MPI processes (-n 8). The job is run in the longrun queue (-p longrun) and the maximum duration is set to 120 hours (five days).

In Taito, setting up the ABySS environment requires three module load commands that set up the correct compiler, MPI and ABySS versions. The module purge command is used to initialize the module environment before loading the modules needed.

In Taito, parallel ABySS jobs should be launched with command abyss-pe.







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The manual can be found here: