MapInfo Professional is a GIS (Geographic Information System) software, that covers a wide range of basic GIS functionality. Software is delivered by Pitney Bowes.

CSC organizes MapInfo software consortium for Finnish universitites and universities of applied sciences. The members of current consortium are listed at the end of this page. If interested in joining a consortium, please contact CSC servicedesk.

MapInfo may be used only for academic use. Detailed terms of use can be found from here.

MapInfo software consortium members have the possibility to choose between following MapInfo licenses:

  • MapInfo Pro NodeLock (up to 50 licenses)
  • MapInfo Pro Concurrent (up to 500 licenses)

Concurrent use licenses require administration of license manager.

  • It is possible to borrow licenses from the license manager for use without Internet connection.
  • It is also possible to divide the available licenses among several license managers, for example for use in different departments.
  • Concurrent use licenses may be used also from home.

Language options of the licenses

  • License package is available either in English, Finnish or Swedish.



MapInfo is only ordered via CSC. Installation media is delivered direclty to consortium members.


  • Each university has its own MapInfo contact person, for students and personnel she/he is the first point of contact.
  • MapInfo-helpdesk (License keys, moving of licenses, technical questions etc.): ?
  • Questions about the consortium (billing, joining and leaving the consortium etc.):


University Contact person
Aalto university
University of Helsinki
UEF Timo Pakarinen
University of Jyväskylä
University of Lapland
University of Turku
University of Vaasa Seija Virkkala
HAMK Kirsi Laaksonen
Jyväskylä AMK Hannu Lähdevaara
Karelia AMK
Lapin AMK
Metropolia AMK
Kaakkois-Suomen AMK
NOVIA yrkeshögskolan Leif Östman
Oulu AMK Toni Sankari
Savonia AMK Teemu Räsänen
Turku AMK