Storage Comparison Table

Researchers get access to multiple storage options through CSC. The comparison table below helps to decide which storage solution is right for you. We recommend creating a data management plan when considering data storage options. If you have questions, our Service Desk provides personal guidance and expert support in choosing the right storage solution for your data.

  Intended purpose Currently available quotas* Interfaces Single user or project based access Additional features Service offered by
Allas Object Storage Platform independent data storage and sharing 10 TB (more on request)

S3 and Swift clients. OpenStack Horizon web interface.

project group Enables sharing data from the service CSC
Fairdata IDA Storage service Storing and sharing stable data Granted based on application  (from 1 GB to around 100 TB) Browser, CLI project group Enables sharing data from the service, persistent identifiers  MINEDU (service produced by CSC)
Storage in CSC cloud environments Temporary or persistent storage resources via virtual machines 1 TB (more on request) Block storage via virtual machine, big data frameworks (Hadoop, Spark) project group   CSC
Project directories in Puhti supercomputer Disk areas for processing data 50 GB,
1 TB short term (more on request)
File system

project group

EUDAT B2DROP    Storing, sharing and syncing files 20 GB Browser, desktop single user Enables sharing data from the service, and publishing data in EUDAT B2SHARE service EUDAT
Kaivos - A relational database service Data for applications utilizing relational databases Up to tens of GBs MariaDB database project group   CSC


* For more detailed information about available storage capacity, see the information on default quotas.