1.3 Connecting to Taito

To connect Taito, use terminal programs like ssh (linux, MacOSX) or PuTTY (Windows), which provide secure connection to the server. If you are not able to use a suitable terminal program in your local computer you can use the SSH console tool in Scientist's User Interface.
For example, when using the ssh command the connection can be opened in the following way:

ssh taito.csc.fi -l username

If you wish to use applications that use graphics or you want to suspend you session after the day, we recommend that you use the NoMachine Remote Desktop connection instead of direct terminal connections.

The Taito supercluster has two login nodes ( taito-login3.csc.fi and taito-login4.csc.fi). When you open a new terminal connection using the server name taito.csc.fi you will end up to one of these login nodes. You can also open the connection directly to two of the login nodes ( taito-login3.csc.fi and taito-login4.csc.fi) if needed:

ssh taito-login4.csc.fi -l username

Note that login nodes are not intended for heavy computing but for submitting and managing batch jobs. If you wish to do interactive computing, instead of submitting batch jobs, you can open connection to taito-shell ( see chapter 8.)

ssh taito-shell.csc.fi -l username

More details about connecting to the computing severs of CSC can be found from the CSC Computing Environment User Guide chapter 1.3.

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