6.3 Module and storage environment on Taito-GPU

Taito-GPU shares the same module and storage environment as the rest of the Taito cluster system. The actual module tree is, however, optimized for GPU usage and thus different. Regarding file system directories, see more from Chapter 1.5 of Taito User Guide.

Please pay attention to your module environment. Due to dynamic linking nature of application program it is recommended that you always have exactly the same environment when running your application as when you used to compile & link it.

For cuda programs use the cuda-env module, this module will load cuda, a compatible version of the GCC compiler and a compatible MPI implementation. An example of how to load the cuda-env module:

module purge
module load cuda-env

If you opt for directive based OpenACC approach, use the openacc-env module to load a working enviroment:

module purge
module load openacc-env

In case of multi-GPU MPI application it is advisable to enable also CUDA-aware message passing. This allows the MPI implementation to directly process device pointers with no need by the user to transfer them from device to host before the transfer. A version of OpenMPI that is built with GPU support is automatically loaded with the cuda-env and openacc-env modules.

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