5. User's own software installations

The users of CSC servers are free to install their own application software to Taito. The software to be installed may be developed locally or downloaded from the internet. The main limitation for the software installation is that the user must be able to do the installation without using root user account or sudo command. Further, the software must be installed to users own private disk areas instead of the common application directories like /appl/bin or /usr/bin. If root access is needed, e.g. in the case of repository installations, you an consider using the Pouta could computing service in stead  of Taito.

In Taito, user application directory $USERAPPL is a directory that is intended for installing users own software tools. Taito and Sisu severs have separate $USERAPPL directories. Like the work directory, this directory is visible to the computing nodes of the server too so software installed there can be used in batch jobs. Unlike the work directory $USERAPPL is permanent and backuped directory. Thus you do not need worry about preserving you software installation. It will stay available for you, until you remove the executables.

Below are three examples of using the $USERAPPL directory.

Example 1. Installing your own version of MCL program

Example 2. Installing and using your own Perl module in Taito

Example 3. Installing and using your own Python module in Taito


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