Taito User Guide

The super cluster taito.csc.fi was taken in use at CSC on 2013. This server is intended for serial and parallel computing tasks that utilize less that 256 computing cores. This guide focuses on the most essential information related to the supercluster taito.csc.fi. New customers of CSC should use this guide together with the CSC Computing environment user guide that discusses issues that apply for all the computing servers servers of CSC (e.g. Linux basics and data transport).

Three things you should know before you start using Taito

  •  When you log in to address taito.csc.fi you end up to one of the login nodes of Taito cluster. These login nodes are not intended for heavy computing but for managing your files and batch jobs. Because of that all processes that take more than 1 CPU hour will automatically be killed. Please use batch jobs or taito-shell.csc.fi for all heavy computing.
  • Your home directory has very limited capacity and it should not used for working with large datasets. Please use your work directory ($WRKDIR) when you work with large datasets and HPC-archive storage system to store and backup the data that you need to preserve.


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