Terms and Pricing

Free-of-charge use cases and pricing

Many of CSC's services are free-of-charge for academic research, education and training in Finnish higher education institutions and in state research institutes.

You can purchase most of the services when the conditions of free-of-charge use are not met.

Using most of CSC's services consumes billing units. A billing unit is a unit that CSC uses to distribute our service resources for our users, or bill the user when service use is paid by the user. You can use the billing unit calculator to make preliminary cost estimates.

For more information please contact CSC's Service desk: servicedesk@csc.fi

General terms of use and privacy

Please read General Terms of Use for CSC's Services for Research and Education carefully before registering a CSC user account or using the services. For some services, additional terms or requirements may apply. Those additional terms become part of your agreement with CSC if you use those services.

CSC policies

CSC's mission is to develop, integrate and offer high-quality ICT services for research, education, culture, public administration and companies as part of the national research system. CSC is committed to policies to help us to assure compliance with applicable good practices, laws and regulations as well as internal requirements.