Timetable for implementing the new infrastructure

The new environment will be deployed in two phases.

Phase 1, Puhti and Allas

The first phase of the infrastructure will consist of Puhti, a new air-cooled cluster, a partition for artificial intelligence research and Allas, a new common data management solution for both new and old infrastructure.

The delivery is in mid-April 2019. Acceptance testing is planned from late April to mid-June.

The phase 1 of the new infrastructure will be available for end users after passing acceptance tests in mid-June 2019.

Phase 2, Mahti

In early 2020, the second phase of the supercomputing environment (Mahti) will be taken in use, and the environment will reach its full capacity. As a part of the needed preparations for the new system, Sisu will be decommissioned on 1.7.2019.

Pilot usage

During acceptance testing of phase 1 from late April to June selected Pilot Projects will have a possibility for extensive utilization of the new infrastructure. The call for Pilot projects deadline for proposals was Monday25th February, 2019, at 12:00.

A similar pilot use period is planned for phase 2 in 2020.