Timetable for implementing the new infrastructure

The new environment will be deployed in two phases.

Mahti in 2020

The second phase of the supercomputing environment is a liquid-cooled supercomputer Mahti. After its general availability, the environment reached its full capacity.

  • Mahti has been opened for end users August 26th

Puhti and Allas in 2019

The first phase of the infrastructure consists of Puhti, a new air-cooled cluster, a partition for artificial intelligence research and Allas, a new common data management solution for both new and old infrastructure.

  • Puhti has been opened for end users September 2nd.
  • Allas has been opened for end users in early October.

Sisu and Taito

  • Sisu was decommissioned on 16.8.2019.
  • Taito: General availability ended 31.12.2019