Application examples

Elmer includes physical models for all branches of computational engineering and even beyond. Therefore it is impossible to give a complete picture of the software with just a few examples. Some nice videos have been collected to a youtube playlist if you don't mind some advertisements:



Example 1. Temperature field of a solid object. This is the first tutorial case in ElmerGUI Tutorials.



Example 2. A test case for the particle tracker module of Elmer finite element software. The particle-particle and the particle-wall interaction is accounted by simple spring forces. 

Example 3. The simulation shows vortex shedding in 2D flow with two circles in the channel. The simulation is carried out using monolithic FE discretization with the VMS stabilization method.


Example 4. This animation shows a synthetic test case of a loosely coupled fluid-structure-interaction analysis for a case with internal flow and large displacements. This combination is notoriously difficult for loosely coupled schemes. In Elmer a method of artificial compressibility mimicking the elastic response of the structure is used to ensure robust convergence.


Example 5. Ramp-up phase of an electrical induction machine utilizing Mortar finite elements. The animations show the magnetic vector potential and the magnetic field intensity derived from it.