The documentation of the software may be downloaded from:

A all-in-one documentation package is also available from sourceforge. A compact summary of the capabilities of Elmer may be obtained from a poster-style brochure (pdf). In the download sites the most relevant documentation consists of the following manuals:

  • ElmerGUI Manual
    Manual of the new graphical user interface of Elmer software suite.

  • Elmer Models Manual
    Description of the different physical models that are defined
    in independent solvers.

  • ElmerSolver Manual ´
    Capabilities of the solver with an emphasis on generic library services provided by the software.

  • ElmerGrid Manual with related grd-files
    Manual of ElmerGrid utility with simple meshing examples.

  • Elmer Tutorials with related for gui and non-gui 
    Examples of simple Elmer cases with documentation of the solution procedures.

  • Elmer Overview
    Overview over the different Elmer software with a view of the different
    executables, modules, manuals and strategies (meta-manual).

The full list of related manuals is explained in the Readme file. The documentation is not complete and usually its severely lagging behind. If you are interested in a particular solver or feature that is not featured in the documentation you may still enquire about it.

Slide shows

The are also many slides shows available that may give a better quick overview of the capabilities of Elmer. The slides are often updated when course are given. Some slides are available as pdf files at: