UAS stakeholders get together in Pori on 16 and 17 May

The annual UAS theme days of 2018 will be held on the campus of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori. This year's theme, Future learning, will be explored from different viewpoints in addresses, panels as well as workshops. 

Presentation topics will include ‘The human mind, brain and learning', ‘Topical issues in higher education policy', ‘Gamification', ‘New trends of student admissions in higher education institutions', and ‘An overview of open RDI at universities of applied sciences'. 

As usual, CSC will put up its stand at this year's event. We will bring to the table a number of topical themes, including roadmaps to support the implementation of CSC's ownership strategy drawn up together by universities of applied sciences, universities and the central government, as well as a new joint brainstorming platform for higher education services – the idea bank. We will also discuss the framework agreements to be concluded with higher education institutions and explore the interfaces of the current development projects with the work on the Vision for higher education and research 2030.  

You will hear more about the data management and computing tools for research provided for universities of applied sciences, which have been made available for teaching use this spring, and the latest from DL2021, the development program for data management and computing, which the Ministry of Education and Culture is implementing with RDI stakeholders. You will also be updated on progress made with the development program on the National Research and Education Network, Funet2020, and telecommunications and additional services enabled by new technologies. 

"The UAS theme days are one of the key events of the year, not only for the universities of applied sciences but also for CSC. They are an excellent forum for discussing the directions in which our services will be developed and forms of cooperation through which we can support our owners' activities. The future of learning lies in cooperation!" announces Outi Tasala, CSC Customer Solution Manager responsible for higher education institutions.

Come and join us in talking about the future of education together!

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Please remember that the last day for registering for the event is 30 April.