Vocational Education Days 28–29 September

In recent years, CSC has begun to work more actively not only at the higher education level, but also at lower levels of education. Working in co-operation with our customers, we strive to create functional digital instruction and learning solutions for all levels of education. Vocational education and training solutions are a key part of this whole.

Historic reforms in upper secondary education, specifically the reform of vocational education and training, are currently being made. These reforms will be phased in beginning on 1 January 2018. Some of the key reforms being made are the consolidation of youth and adult education under a single law, more personalised and working life-oriented study, and a significant reduction in the number of degrees as well as a diversification of degrees.

Funding for vocational education and training will also be changed in such a way that, in the future, it will be increasingly based on, among other things, study progress and post-study placement. Along with structural reforms, digitisation in all its forms is also a topical, cross-cutting theme in the development of vocational education and training.



The 2017 autumn term is full of topical discussion and information sessions organised by different actors concerning the implementation of reforms. Organised by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities in Vantaa on 28–29 September 2017, the Vocational Education 2018 seminar was perhaps the most wide-ranging of these events.

During the two-day seminar, special attention was given to the role that vocational education plays in a municipal and regional development context. This will play a major role in the future of municipalities when regions assume responsibility for the administration of social welfare and health care services.  Educational and growth policy will become key municipal tasks in the future.

Where CSC is concerned, the topical point of contact for the seminar is the steering and regulation service OIVA, which we are currently developing. Permits for the provision of vocational education are issued by means of the electronic service, i.e. it is a key administrative tool for the provision of education.

OIVA is a service developed and maintained by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and implemented by the CSC - IT Centre for Science. The goal for the future is to create an electronic interface for the service that meets the needs of the Ministry and education providers. The interface will make the administration of educational permits easier.


The seminar programme can be viewed here (in Finnish).