DNA selected as optical fibre connection provider for the CSC Funet network

CSC – IT Center for Science and DNA Plc have agreed on the delivery of fibre optic connections for the Finnish University and Research Network Funet.

With the agreement, the number of fibre optic connections provided by DNA for the nationwide Funet data communications network increases significantly. Furthermore, the Funet network will be expanded across Finland with several new connections provided by DNA.

– CSC is our long-term customer, and we are grateful for their trust in the competence of our services and the quality of our production. We are delighted that CSC has again selected DNA as its network provider. The competitiveness of our national backbone network routes has improved, and the decision by CSC to choose DNA is a logical result of these efforts, states Markus Puukki, Director, Wholesale at DNA.

Installation of the new fibre optic connections will begin immediately, and the first connections enter into use already during early 2018.

– High-quality and cost-efficient fibre optic connections help secure the long-term operational capability of the Funet network. Together with the renewed equipment, they will enable data transfer speeds of up to terabit ranges for Funet members. Furthermore, the improved coverage of the connections ensure better network reliability and fewer disruptions in data transfer, says Teemu Kiviniemi, Development Manager of the Funet network at CSC.

Further information

Teemu Kiviniemi, Development Manager, Funet network, CSC IT Center for Science, tel. +358 (0)9 457 2132,

Markus Puukki, Director, Wholesale, DNA Plc, tel. +358 (0)44 044 2840,