Workshop to Develop ELMO Format

Experts across Europe met in a workshop in Espoo on September 7th to develop further the ELMO format. ELMO is the basis for the exchange of result information in EMREX. EMREX is an electronic data exchange solution. The EMREX Executive Committee also took the chance to meet in person on the previous day.

The workshop was started with comparing the different Diploma Supplements of respective countries and identifying any challenges to finding a mutual solution. In the afternoon the work continued on how to include the needed additions to the ELMO format. The work will go on by preparing a more official proposal and then releasing it for any interested parties' review.

EMREX solution enables the exchange of academic achievement information in a standardized ELMO format across border in Europe and beyond. The further development of ELMO to include the Diploma Supplement structure to the format is part of EMREX User Group plan for year 2018. The objective of the workshop was to prepare the ELMO format to support the provision of Diploma Supplement in a machine-readable, "digitalized" format.

Diploma Supplement has been an important part of the recognition of academic qualifications creating greater transparency in the European higher education area since its adoption in 1999. It describes the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies in a standardized description and thus, facilitates the understanding and recognition of qualifications across European borders. So far the document has been mostly issued in a paper-based format.

The digital exchange of academic information is also of interest to many currently ongoing European projects, e.g. Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) and European Student Card (ESC).

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Picture: Pinja Ahola / CSC