FIRI midterm review successful for CSC-led research infrastructures

The midterm review of the Finnish Research Infrastructures (FIRI) roadmap was published in March 2018 in a seminar hosted by the Academy of Finland. The purpose of this review was to evaluate the scientific level and maturity of the research infrastructures (RIs) which are part of the current national FIRI roadmap.

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee classified RIs on the roadmap to categories A-D: A being well advanced, B meaning advanced, C for promising RIs, and D for RIs under observation. All RIs where CSC is the lead applicant were classified as category A. CSC is part also in several other RIs mapped on the FIRI roadmap, but not as a lead applicant. For RIs classified as well advanced, neither scientific quality nor specific development aspects need to be addressed when applying for FIRI funding in the era of the current roadmap.

The excerpts below depict how the CSC-led RIs on the FIRI roadmap were described in the evaluation panel statements:

PRACE Finland:

"In summary, the Finnish contribution to PRACE is an outstanding project with a return on investment that is very favorable for excellent science in Finland. The Finnish contributions to support and training in PRACE are cornerstones for the development of science-driven HPC (high performance computing) in Europe."

"The Tier-1 facility at CSC remains essential for this good result in PRACE. Having a proper ecosystem at all levels is necessary to keep the scientists competitive in the top tier.

ELIXIR Finland:

" is part of an international program, ELIXIR, and with that it is very well positioned in the international environment. Having this available at an international level is indispensable, since most – if not all – of the research in the field is across borders."

"The fact that is hosted / coordinated by CSC simplifies life – it is using the data services at CSC in an exemplary way."

– Evaluations by international peer review panels are important for measuring the quality and impact of the work done. It is good to hear that we are in the right track when helping Finnish science to utilize data, computing, and networks, states Janne Ignatius, Director at CSC.

Also CSC as an RI belongs to the FIRI roadmap and was classified as category A, well advanced.

The current FIRI roadmap is valid until 2020.

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