National Archives, National Library of Finland and CSC to use artificial intelligence

On 30 October 2018, the National Archives, National Library of Finland and CSC - IT Center for Science signed a three-year partnership agreement on the adoption of artificial intelligence. By partnering in artificial intelligence, the organizations will be able to unite and supplement their expertise.  This partnership will benefit Finnish society and national competitiveness by providing increasingly better digital services.

The aim of an artificial intelligence partnership is to promote the interoperability of data systems, prevent overlapping work, promote openness and make co-funding calls easier and smoother. In joint projects, the partners will develop shared digital services for research and cultural heritage and joint research infrastructures, possibly together with other parties.

Software, interfaces, architectures, data models and metadata, among other things, will be developed to promote the aims of the partnership agreement. Development work will be performed openly, such as by creating solutions based on open source code, open interfaces and open metadata.

Pictured (from left): Liisa Savolainen, Kimmo Koski, Jussi Nuorteva and Päivi Happonen

The partnership agreement was signed by National Archives Director General Jussi Nuorteva and Research director Päivi Happonen, National Library National Librarian Liisa Savolainen and CSC Managing Director Kimmo Koski. During the signing of the partnership agreement, a collaboration steering group was formed to monitor the implementation of cooperative approaches and set guidelines for partnership development.


More information:

National Archives
Vili Haukkovaara,, tel. +358 (0)29 533 7019

National Library of Finland
Heli Kautonen,, tel. +358 50 3102654

Aleksi Kallio,, tel. +358 50 3845158

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