How the new CSC computing environment can truly benefit you – come and meet our experts

CSC is starting a comprehensive tour of higher education and research institutes in which we will be presenting our new supercomputers, a new data management environment, and the services which these enable. At the events, you will hear more about how the new hardware will be visible in the daily lives of researchers, students, higher education institutions' staff and decision-makers. What kind of services does CSC offer to researchers and students?

The events to be held in higher education institutions are free and open to all. They may be of particular interest to researchers, teachers and other higher education personnel. The events will provide the opportunity to discuss face-to-face with CSC experts on topics such as transferring current work to the new data management environment and the ways in which the environment can support research.

The new environment can also be utilised in teaching as, for example, a technical platform for students' exercises and thesis work, in individual courses, or in research projects in which students are participating.


The new services will mostly be available free of charge for research and teaching in higher education institutes and academic use in research institutes.

– Investment in the new environment enables completely new initiatives in research, teaching, development and innovation. Computing has been traditionally thought to be beneficial only for hard sciences such as medicine and space research. In reality, the data management and computing development software and the renewed hardware will have a much broader impact. They will affect a broader range of users and play their part in increasing Finnish expertise also in new fields such as digital humanities and artificial intelligence research, explains Pekka Lehtovuori, Director of Services for Research.

The first open event of the tour will be held on 25 and 26 March in Kuopio. The tour will continue until the end of 2019, and new dates will be arranged regularly. Further information about the programme, the new data management and computing environment and the tour timetable can be found here.

New hardware and expertise

The CSC computing environment is being renewed as part of the Ministry of Education and Culture's Data and Computing 2021 development programme (DL2021).

The new supercomputers, the joint data management system to be used across the whole system, and the development of expertise as part of the programme will together serve to ensure the international competitiveness of the Finnish research community in data-intensive and computing-intensive research fields.

Through the ongoing process of digitalisation, the amount of available data is continually increasing, which creates the need for larger processing capacity. CSC's new environment responds to this need by offering massive storage capacity for storing and utilising data, a significantly more powerful computing environment, and a new partition that specialises in AI computing.

The first partition of the supercomputing and data management environment will be ready in spring 2019, and the new environment will come fully into use in spring 2020.

Further information:

Pekka Lehtovuori
Director, services for research
+358 503 819 723

Maria Seppänen
Customer Solution Manager, new bookings
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