MPASSid, national work on learning analytics and “Wikileap” presented at the Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) Conference 2018

Aimed at primary and secondary school pupils, the MPASSid authentication solution has moved from piloting to production. The biggest development effort this spring is an open demo environment, which will be launched and presented at the Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) Conference 2018 in Hämeenlinna on 11–13 April.

For roughly one year, nearly 30 education providers throughout Finland have been piloting the Ministry of Education and Culture's MPASSid authentication solution. The feedback has been very positive.

MPASSid is integrated in Velmu, which is an electronic pupil desktop developed by Haltu Ltd. Schools can assemble all their electronic services in Velmu, where they are quickly and easily accessible. For companies providing educational services, MPASSid offers easy access to an extensive user base.

– Shared authentication reduces the amount of time wasted on separate user IDs and forgotten passwords, thus allowing schools to focus on their core task: teaching and learning. Pupils and teachers will be able to use numerous digital services provided by the school and different service providers using just one authentication, explains Development Manager Manne Miettinen of CSC.

MPASSid is an open source code solution offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture and implemented by CSC.



Where is learning analytics headed?

In the learning analytics workshop, participants learn about the current situation of learning analytics in Finland and consider the developmental trends of analytics in the near future.

On Wednesday, you will be able to acquaint yourself with movers and shakers in learning analytics and the functions of the national working group on learning analytics, discuss current topics on learning analytics, such as data management and ethical issues, and learn more about the national data ecosystem and study data which can be freely accessed with the Vipunen API. You will also be able to hear about and discuss good learning analytics practices and the national compatibility framework.

The chair of the national working group on learning analytics is Tomi Kytölä, Senior Officer at the Ministry of Education and Culture and the working group secretary is Jonna Korhonen, Development Manager at CSC.

Come see us at our booth or check out the "Wikileap"

Have you ever wondered what kinds of opportunities would present themselves if you could trade in conventional textbooks for an open digital textbook written by thousands of contributors? Could the same thing be done with textbooks as Wikipedia did with encyclopedias?

You can join us for a discussion on these topics at the Primary Education Wikileap project event, where we will be presenting the project's accomplishments, challenges and future plans.

The project is developing a digital textbook collection to meet primary education needs. The collection will be available free of charge to all teachers and pupils, who may also make contributions to the textbook content. The Wikimedia Foundation's Wikipedia Library will serve as the platform. The "Wikileap" project is headed by CSC. Tivia ry, IT-kouluttajat ry, Wikimedia Suomi and LifeLearn Platforms are also involved in the project.

Stop by our booth at the ITK Conference and chat with CSC representatives about our ICT solutions.

Further information:

Development Manager Manne Miettinen, CSC
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MPASSid website
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