Changes in CSC’s management

Changes in CSC's management take effect from 1 January 2018 as Antti Mäki, Director, Services for Education, starts in his new role as CSC's Director of Customer Relations. At the same time Stina Westman, Development Manager responsible for research data interfaces and architectures, takes on a new role heading the services for education.

In their new positions, Directors Mäki and Westman will report to Klaus Lindberg, CSC's Director for Services.

– Services for education brings together issues relevant to teaching and learning as well as data management in research and public administration. In addition to improving the interoperability of services, promoting the use and interpretation of data for the needs of business intelligence has emerged strongly in recent years. CSC facilitates cooperation between national stakeholders and promotes common solutions in the international arena. Internationalization is manifested as the mobility of actors and, increasingly, also as shared information flows and hubs, explains Westman.

Doctor of Science (Tech.) by education, Westman has previously worked in CSC as Development Manager for research data services and Service Manager for open science services. Before joining CSC, she worked in Management Information Services of Aalto University's Policy and Foresight unit and as a project manager in Aalto's current research information system project.

More information:

Stina Westman
Development Manager, research data architectures and interfaces (until 31 January 2017)
Director, Services for Education (from 1 January 2018)
tel. +358 50 381 8431

Antti Mäki
Director, Services for Education (until 31 December 2017)
Director, Customer Relations (from 1 January 2018)
tel. +358 50 430 9119