Services purchased by the Ministry of Education and Culture will promote Finnish research and continuous learning

The Ministry of Education and Culture and CSC have signed their annual agreement on the services maintained, produced and developed by CSC for the needs of research, education, culture and public administration.

The objectives of the Ministry of Education and Culture's higher education and science policy include developing the research infrastructure for RDI activities as well as a higher education system and service environment to support continuous learning.

- The DL2021 project implemented by the Ministry of Education and Culture together with research and innovation actors provides Finnish researchers with world-class data management and computing resources and support for service use. As part of this project, the competence base has been strengthened to enable full use of the EuroHPC capacity. This will facilitate research in all fields of science while increasing the attractiveness of Finnish higher education institutions and research institutes in the eyes of top experts, says Director Erja Heikkinen from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

As a result of the project, the service offering has been expanded to research institutes operating under the auspices of other ministries. The data management services and research tools can now also be used in research institutes' and higher education institutions' research and teaching activities.

- The services procured by the Ministry of Education and Culture provide users in universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes with preconditions for carrying out computational and data-intensive research that are unique on the global scale. Efficient use of the system will be ensured by our experts with extensive knowledge of the field of research through their competence in methodology, algorithms, parallel computing, data analytics and machine learning, explains Pekka Lehtovuori, Director, Services for Computational research at CSC.

Interoperability and knowledge management services, on the other hand, support education and teaching cooperation as well as digitalized, continuous learning. By implementing the measures described in the agreement, CSC also supports the realization of the higher education institutions' Digivision.

Under this agreement, the Department for Higher Education and Science Policy will purchase five service packages from CSC in 2020:

  • Higher education and research information network Funet
  • Information management and architecture services for higher education institutions
  • Analytics and data infrastructure services for the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Data lifecycle management services
  • A service package consisting of the Data Management and Computing Development Program and competence development associated with it (DL2021)

The content of the service packages and their objectives are specified in more detail in the agreement.

Further information:

Service packages purchased by the Ministry of Education and Culture for higher education institutions in 2020

Service procurement agreement of the Ministry of Education and Culture's Department of Higher Education and Science Policy in 2020 (in Finnish, pdf)

Juha Haataja
Counsellor of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture

Klaus Lindberg
Director, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd