Two Finnish researchers were awarded resources from PRACE

The 15th PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) Call for Proposals yielded 76 eligible proposals of which 46 were awarded a total of close to 1.7 thousand million core hours from Europe's fastests supercomputers. The awarded projects are led by principal investigators from 12 different European countries.

Two Finnish researchers were granted in this call: researcher Timo Kiviniemi from Aalto University got 30 million core hours for the fusion and plasma physics research project "Characterization of turbulence and flow generation in Tore Supra tokamak" from the MareNostrum supercomputer in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Professor Hannu Häkkinen from University of Jyväskylä was granted 20,6 million core hours for the research project "NANOMETALS - Atomically precise, ligand-sabilized, silver-based nanoclusters in the metallic limit", also from the MareNostrum supercomputer.

The MareNostrum supercomputer, hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center is located inside an old chapel. Image: BSC

The 16th PRACE Call for Proposals is now open until 21 November 2017.

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