Lifewide learning can be supported by mobility of data and shared practices


As part of efforts to implement the Vision for higher education and research in 2030, the Ministry of Education and Culture commissioned a report on supporting lifewide learning. The key question of this report, whose production was coordinated by CSC, was how smooth mobility of educational offering, participation in digital teaching and utilisation of open learning materials can be enabled in the future. The preliminary study described a technically and administratively simple implementation method of open and flexible studying that supports learning from the viewpoint of students, teaching staff, guidance and the higher education institution alike.

The goal is that in 2030, open educational offering will be accessible and can be browsed in a joint national service where degree students can also examine their educational options, the contents of education programmes and the correspondence of the offering to what is available at their home institutions. Open learning environments and materials can be used by anyone, and there will be no obstacles to transitioning between different higher education institutions' learning platforms. In technical terms, opening up the offering for a group wider than the home institution will be simple, and data on the learners, including their background information, will be smoothly transferred from one system to another.

The higher education institutions have made sustained efforts to promote the interoperability of studying, study support and administration as well as joint practices. The report describes the further development of interoperability needed to facilitate a future system where higher education students study extensively across institutional boundaries as envisaged in the vision's objectives. Some of the solutions that are needed concern all levels of education and should thus be considered together. An example of a theme that is of interest at all levels is making open learning materials easy to find and supporting their use. 

Development Manager Jonna Korhonen from CSC describes the study as follows:

"The themes of the study are extremely topical both nationally and internationally. Key topics include the changing learner's identity, individual pathways of learning and competence building, and the ways in which these pathways can be supported through different digital solutions and analytics."

Rather than producing a ready-made solution for reaching the vision, the preliminary study prepared ground for detailed design of an implementation to be created in collaboration with higher education institutions and stakeholders. The preliminary study established a need to develop practices, technical solutions, information flows and data interoperability further. More precise policy outlines for this development work will be adopted in the autumn.

Further information:

For the preliminary study published on 1 June 2018, go to: OppiJana 2030 preliminary study