Close collaboration for the benefit of open science continues

Collaboration in the Open Science and Research Project (OSR) has proceeded in good spirit and good progress has been made. As the OSR programme concludes at the end of the year, the work for openness will find new forms. 

The results of the programme will be used in development activities that emphasise innovative collaboration between research materials and digital cultural heritage. The upcoming actions will promote the availability of digital cultural content, openness of research and educational materials and the digitalisation of services. 

The actions will include the management and development of enterprise architecture, central services for digital cultural heritage (including Finna and Kulttuuriperintö-PAS), research materials services (FAIRDATA), training and communications. 

The social impact will be bolstered by having a large number of operators take responsibility for the programme. The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies will be responsible for communications related to open science, and coordinating related discussions. Universities Finland UNIFI, an association for Finnish University Rectors has established a workgroup to promote open science. UNIFI and The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies are interested in collaboration related to strategy and roadmaps. The Academy of Finland has committed to the objectives and methods of the Roadmap for Open Science and Research 2014–2017, and to promoting openness from 2018 onwards.

Data management and computation

The Ministry of Education and Culture, along with research and innovation actors, are implementing a development programme for research infrastructures and services in data management and computing in 2017−2021. Among other things, the programme updates the computing environment that supports research and improves the services for research and education. At the core of this development programme lies the modernisation of CSC's computing environment and actions that ensure suitable conditions for international research collaboration. 

The research infrastructure to be modernised under the DL2021 development programme is also strongly linked to the utilisation of research data services (FAIRDATA) developed in the OSR programme as part of the lifecycle data management in a research process.

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