Ideas from the national research information hub seminar to be used in further development of the project

In the national research information hub project, a new national service will be launched to serve as a warehouse for metadata on, for example, publications, research data, research infrastructures, researchers, research groups and projects. The objective is to rationalize information flows, lighten the administrative workload and make the research information more accessible and easier to find. This will benefit researchers, research organisations, funders and decision makers.


At the national research information hub seminar held on 30 October, the current status of the project, which was launched at the beginning of the year, was presented along with other services that will produce information for the information hub or make use of it. The purpose of these services is to either reduce the amount of administrative work to be performed by researchers by automating information flows or to raise the profile of Finnish research.

The Academy of Finland, FImpact, Open Science and Research project services and Tsampo, among others, made short presentations at the seminar. The presentation venues were the scene of lively discussion and the exchange of ideas, thus providing some excellent resources for further development. The actual technical execution of the research information hub will take place next year and pilots will be analysed for the utilisation of information flows.

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