Fairdata IDA

Fairdata IDA

Fairdata IDA is an easy-to-use service that enables you to store research data and materials related to it.

In IDA research data can be stored, organized and shared. Data can be made read-only and replicated ("frozen") to prevent data loss. The data is available within the project team and can be shared with anyone with temporary share links. Data can be shared also with foreign partners.

IDA is part of Fairdata Services. Together with the other Fairdata service components you can construct and describe your research data into datasets and publish them for others to discover and use. IDA also offers a path for transferring the data to the Digital Preservation Service for Research Data.

IDA can be used with a user-friendly browser user interface or with command line tools. The data in the service is stored in Finland.

IDA is not suitable for sensitive personal data or data that is under heavy usage.


If you need to store sensitive data look into SD Connect and ePouta.

If you need to store active data look into Allas.