Funet Filesender

Funet FileSender

Funet FileSender solves the problems related to sending large attachment files. It is an easy-to-use browser-based file sharing service which allows you to easily transfer and share files up to several gigabytes in size.

This service is available to all Funet organisations included in the federated Haka user identification system. In order to send files, you must log in with your Haka account. However, to receive files you don't need a Funet or a Haka user account.

The service is not intended for storing files. All files are deleted after a predetermined period of time. The default storing time is one week, but you can modify it with some limitations.

You can share files up to 300 gigabytes in size. If you need to transfer even larger files, please contact Funet system administrators for assistance.

This service was developed for higher-education institutions and research communities. It is based on the open-source FileSender application.