Pukki is a Database as a Service (DBaaS), suitable for most database use cases. With Pukki you can easily and effortlessly set up a database with a few clicks and manage it as a self-service, instead of manually setting up and maintaining your own database environment.

Pukki is a generic database service that can be used as a stand alone database for you to retrieve, manage and manipulate data. Pukki can also be used together with other services like Puhti, Mahti, Rahti and cPouta. It is especially well suited together with Rahti, since databases can be tricky to get working well on top of Kubernetes.

Pukki is a self-service and can be used both from web interface or throught API.

Pukki provides:

  • PostgreSQL databases for efficient data handling
  • Automatic daily backups that are stored for 90 days
  • Automated upgrades when suitable for the user
  • Managing firewalls and database user accounts.