SD connect

Sensitive Data Connect

Sensitive Data (SD) Connect is a service for collecting and storing sensitive research data during the active phase of a research project. Built on top of Allas, it provides an object storage service with a web user interface and security features built-in. Data is stored at CSC's facilities in Finland.

With SD Connect, a user can store their sensitive data securely in Allas object storage service. The web client, running locally in the user's web browser, provides a simple drag-and-drop functionality for uploading of files and encrypting them on the fly. The encryption is done at the user's web browser using a strong public-key encryption algorithm and CSC's SD Services public key.

SD Connect may be added to user's CSC project at MyCSC portal. All the members of that CSC project have access to the data, and data can be shared to other CSC projects either in read-only or full access mode. Since the data is encrypted, it cannot be used as such in other CSC services, nor can it be downloaded from SD Connect without adding a decryption key to it.

Data in SD Connect can be used in SD Desktop in a read-only mode, as SD Desktop decrypts the data on the fly while accessed. In order to download data from SD Connect, a user must first add their preferred decryption key to the data so that they can decrypt it after the download.

Video introducing CSC's Sensitive Data Services (Finnish version).