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Sensitive Data Connect

Sensitive Data Connect (SD Connect) provides a simple user interface for storing and sharing encrypted sensitive data. Users can drag and drop files from their own computer through web browser to CSC or a use our command line tool. SD Connect hosts data for the duration of an active CSC project, supports sharing of data with project partners and other collaborators via a public URL. This new service will be available as a public beta in June 2021 and we collect actively feedback from our service users.

SD Connect is designed to support data management for a scientific project. Project may include one or more members from multiple organisations. All members of the project have similar rights to access and share securely project data. All data must be encrypted prior to upload into SD Connect.

Data in SD Connect can be accessed and computed in SD Desktop. In the future, SD Connect will also support data submissions to data archives, such as the CSC hosted Finnish Federated European Genome-phenome Archive (FEGA).


  • Sensitive data must be encrypted before being uploaded to SD Connect.
  • SD Connect does not provide permanent storage.
  • This is a beta version of the service; service interruptions may occur.