null SD Desktop

Sensitive Data Desktop

Sensitive Data Desktop (SD Desktop) provides secure access to the CSC ePouta service through a web browser running locally on user's own computer. Each named person in the CSC project will share the project private workspace with access to the project data uploaded to SD Connect service. SD Desktop has been designed for all types of sensitive data but for security reasons tools are limited to a set of open-source software maintained and provided by the CSC.

In the beginning CSC supports only the Linux operating system in SD Desktop, our plans include bringing Windows version later this year. This new service will be  available as a public beta in June 2021 and we collect actively feedback from our service users.


  • Users may not process any personal data granted for the purposes of the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (552/2019) by Findata.
  • Commercial operating systems and software have some operating limitations and will not be available in the beta service (only Linux operating system is supported).
  • For the beta service release CSC will provide a selected choice of open source software, no customisation is available.