Step 1: You will need to register as a CSC customer.

Step 2: If you want to use the computing and storage services, you need a project.

Step 3: Add computing services.

1. Register as CSC's Customer

If your home organization is a member of the Haka Federation, you can register for Scientist's User Interface (SUI) by Haka-ID. By registering, you'll get access to CSC's application server (Taito-shell) with a limited quota for computing.

  1. Go to
  2. Register with your Haka ID (if you don't have Haka ID please click here.)
  3. Select your home organization. Login with your Haka ID.
  4. Fill in your information at the Sign up page.
  5. Set your password using 12 characters or more, contain both upper and lowercase letters and at least 1 number. No special characters allowed. 
  6. You will receive your CSC user account information to your email.


2. Opening a New CSC Project

Academic use

You need to open an academic CSC Project to use computing services. Eligable users (see Prerequisites and Responsibilities for a Project Manager) may apply for a new project with a web form in customer portal

Open a new CSC project and send invitations

  1. To apply for a new academic CSC Project please sign in to the customer portal at Resources and Applications. (eService > Resources and Applications).
  2. On this site under Resources you'll find a title Projects. Underneath that you'll find a subtitle Academic CSC Project. When you click the Academic CSC Project title the project form will appear on the bottom of the page.
  3. Fill in all necessary information for your project, insert email addresses of the project members, accept the general terms of use and send the form.

You will receive an email confirmation, which contains the project name and the code for your new CSC Project (e.g. ‘Modelling project', 2000040). The project members will receive invitations to join the project. The time frame for creation of a project may vary from a few minutes up to an hour.

3. Adding computing services

When the project has been established you may add computing services (Taito, Sisu) and cloud services (cPouta) to it. By default, all CSC projects are granted an initial quota of 10000 billing units for computing. Select the project, accept the terms and conditions, and send the form. Also the project members will receive requests to accept the terms and conditions if required. 

 Add computing services to your project (Taito, Sisu, cPouta)

For additional information and instructions for applying please contact CSC Service Desk and CSC Computing Environment user guide.

Research institutions and companies can use CSC services for commercial research or other than academic purposes by entering into a customer agreement.


Academic use

Academic and educational use for higher education institutions and state research institutes is funded by Ministry of Education and Culture. Research focus should be academic research which results are published as thesis (pro graduate, licentiate and doctoral thesis) or articles in scientific publications.

Commercial use

If university is doing research with commercial enterprises or research institutes which results are not published, they should open a separate project for this type of research which will be invoiced according to commercial usage.

More information about the commercial use of CSC's services »