Billing Units

The use of CSC's computing, cloud and storage services is based on billing units (BUs). BUs are used to allocate resources, monitor their use, and to charge users who purchase our services.

A billing unit is defined individually for each of our services. To estimate your billing unit consumption and costs in euros, refer to our billing unit and pricing calculator below.

Even though your service use consumes BUs, please note that you will not be charged if your use case falls within the free-of-charge use.

Billing models

To find out what a billing unit stands for when using a particular service, take a look at its billing model.

Please note that LUMI does not use the equivalent CSC's billing units in its billing policy. LUMI's usage is calculated in CPU-core-hours and GPU-core-hours for computing, and TB-hours for storage.

Also note that the use of Fairdata IDA and Kaivos doesn't consume billing units.