Computational engineering

Computational engineering is a discipline dealing with the developing and exploiting of computational models and simulations to solve complex physical problems arising in engineering analysis and design.

CSC has acquired several computational engineering software packages for the users at universities and polytechnics. It is allowed to use the programs in public-domain non-commercial research and education taken into account all the terms and conditions on the agreements between CSC and the software vendors. The usage of these programs is free of charge. For more information please send an email to structural_mechanics (at) or sign in the Scientist's User Interface and go either to page Contracts and Agreements or to page Software.

Computational fluid dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) stands for the description of the properties of fluid by solving physical equations using computational methods. CFD together with experiments and mathematical analysis helps to understand phenomena detected in fluids. CSC provides outstanding facilities for performing CFD. Our CFD experts have a wide experience in modeling fluid phenomena and we have an extensive selection of commercial software for CFD and powerful supercomputers to carry out the computations. Moreover, we provide training in the field of CFD.

CFD software packages and specialists

The following CFD software packages are available for the users at universities and polytechnics:

Figure 1. Free convectionFigure 1. Free convection in a light bulb (
Figure 2. Two separate fluids at different temperatures flow through the shell-and-tube heat exchanger (


Structural analysis

Structural analysis comprises the set of physical laws and mathematics required to study and predict the behavior of structures. The subjects of structural analysis are engineering artifacts whose integrity is judged largely based upon their ability to withstand loads; they commonly include buildings, bridges, aircraft, and ships.


Figure 3. Free convectionFigure 3. Multiphysics analysis of electrical motor (
Figure 4. Absorbed radiationFigure 4. Absorbed radiation (SAR) in the human brain (


Structural analysis software packages and specialists

The following structural analysis software packages are available for the users at universities and polytechnics:


In case of a question or problem, please contact CSC Service Desk.

Figure 5. Porous reactor
Figure 5. Porous reactor with injection needle (